Friday, October 25, 2013

Renaissance Woman Postcard #9, #10, #11, and #12

Renaissance Woman Postcard #9

Renaissance Postcard #10

Renaissance Woman Postcard #11

Renaissance Woman Postcard #12
When I started the postcards for mail art I thought 10 would be plenty and as it turns out the final number is 20.  So I have seven more to upload and then this series is done.  I actually have loved matching the CitraSolv papers with other Italian ephemera and the Renaissance portraits to create collages.  Not all portraits go with all the individual CitraSolv papers.  It has been quite a task to find Renaissance women to fit each, again not all have gone with just any scene and background.  I have also discovered that I have actually created something old with something new in each of the pieces.
For instance, the woman in #12 really goes with the church but the actual face of the portrait contrasts perfectly in the new composition and the something new, the satellite completes the piece.


Cate Rose said...

The whole series is wonderful. Maybe you should publish them??

Roberta Warshaw said...

Love these!

anonymous said...

I was wondering why some chose to be painted in profile - or maybe our feelings about the perfect profile are different. #9 and #12 do not to my opinion have elegant profiles! #11 is okay but #10 makes one think she would have a lovely face from any angle! But I see from text on http://www.artistsandart.org/2009/12/portraits-of-women-in-italian.html that it was 'the thing' to be painted in strict profile so now I know.