Sunday, October 27, 2013

Renaissance Woman Postcard #17, #18, #19 - Series End

This is the end of the Renaissance Women Postcard series.  All the cards have been mailed and now they stand on their own scattering across the world to a new home.  I am kind of reminded about the life cycle of spiders.  They are nested and nurtured and then one day they let go with their spinnerets to the wind and float to a new place to continue the cycle of life.  There the resemblance may end or perhaps something is sparked by the receiver to create something new to send on.  Many of my art friends like Connie Rose and Terry Garrett are like the spider sending out postcards and other mail art once one is received.

Renaissance Woman Postcard #17

Renaissance Woman Postcard #18

Renaissance Woman Postcard #19


Cate Rose said...

Excellent series!

She Reads Late Into the Night said...

Loved the whole series, wonderful work!

anonymous said...

#17 is a coup - I really like the balance in that one. Bet you felt triumphant once you'd done the lot - it's been worth it. Wonderful set.

ingridp said...

Impressed how you could find all these women! Well done!

Robert said...

Wow, John! I absolutely LOVE your Renaissance Women postcards! These ahould be published as a book. (You could even self-publish, and sell them on Amazon.) Each woman's name, a short description of who she is, and how she fits into this mixed-up-multi-time-travel-universe, would give us a bit of a backstory on each portrait. Think about it!