Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Journal making - a la Carla Sonheim

Last May, Carla Sonheim offered an online class in journal making and purses.  I was not interested in the purse part but I was curious about the journals.  The journals were to be made out of scrap material and sewn.  I have a bunch of fabric from my 95 year old mother and so finally last week I got the machine out and began the class about six months late.  No matter!  I love how the journals are put together and if you want to take the class, it might become available from Carla  once again... http://www.carlasonheim.com/store/.

I sent one of the journals to my friend, Irene, in southern California who recently had a birthday.  Irene loves to go to Starbuck's and journal.  Here is a photo taken by her of her new journal.


Roberta Warshaw said...

That is lovely John. Every time I try and make a journal, I never write in it. It becomes too precious. I have to get over that one!
Carla has great classes!

Cate Rose said...

Very cool, John!

anonymous said...

I love Carla's courses. Haven't done one 'live' but her videos bring calm to the day - she comes across as such a lovely personality. Like your journal, John. I went to a workshop recently to make one and like Roberta I have it sitting empty, carefully wrapped up and looking for a purpose!

tgarrett said...

Your energy level never ceases to amaze me John. Very nice.