Monday, September 30, 2013

Rajkamari राजकुमारी and Yoo-hoo!

Rajkamari राजकुमारी

The two works are small 4 x 5 inches but pack a big punch!.  Basically I have three layers in both of them.  Rajkamari means princess in Hindi.  Yoo-hoo! came from an article in a garden magazine.  The woman is a nosy neighbor. Isn't there one in all neighborhoods.  Remember Mrs. Kravatz from Bewitched?  I have completed ten new works and I will upload them over the next several days.


Brian Kasstle said...

John! These are my absolute favorites you've done! Wonderful!!!!! I LOVE them! FANTASTIC!! You need to post these on FB!

Cate Rose said...

More wonderfulness!

anonymous said...

Love the contrast in the faces of the two women! One noting all but saying nothing and the other obviously dying to pass on some juicy tidbit of gossip. All the associated items in the background are super. Excellent work - you are so inspired with your collages.

Irene Rafael said...

i love seeing several collages at the same time. a princess and a busybody. did you make them together? two sides of the same coin?