Thursday, July 9, 2020

Staple II Collage Series - 04

Staple II Collage Series - 04

I am such a fan of desperate ephemera.  Doesn’t that sound like something out of an opera?  Perhaps the woman is a soprano ready to belt out a song.  Maybe she is trying to avoid the Texaco sign.  The staples even give a line quality.


Robert said...

I love that the height of the woman and the curved arc of the Texaco sign are exactly the same height! Maybe she is just returning to her car after paying for and pumping gas!

julia said...

i see her as ready to take a bow...and then an encore! can’t wait to see how this series turns out!

jacki long said...

I love this composition and the story it tells.
I especially like the division on color and b/w.

Peg said...

Maybe she is aware of her privilege due to being a part of the fossil fuel establishment/culture. Maybe that awareness makes her feel off balance.