Thursday, July 2, 2020

Staple Collage Series - 07

Staple Collage Serites - 07

I have heard comments by blog readers that you are interested in where the staple is and how many staples are in the collages.  Ideally I try for one staple.  There have been times when I felt a need for a second one for support.  Each of the collages in this series of ten is housed in a book, one of the 365 that I made last year.

In this collage I particularly like how the pink and blue seem to stand out causing the eye to look there first and then at the rest of the collage.  My eye goes to the deer or elk...not sure which it is....next.  Movement is so important in art.


jacki long said...

Enjoying this composition and the patterns of movement.

tgarrett said...

I love this one John all of it just works so well- another one made from your creative mind.