Sunday, July 19, 2020

Staple Again Series - 01

Staple Again Series - 01

I have to laugh at myself.  When I started this series I was still pretty much working from bed on a clipboard.  I was still wanting to create mini collages but I needed a new title for the series. I was still joining ephemera with stapes.  Ha!  Staple Again Series came to mind.  I also was very into creating map lace but for this one I used the same punching technique but not on a map.  I really like the positioning of the figure in this piece.  There is a definite narrative that evolved from auditioning the ephemera.


jacki long said...

Really nice, John. I like the #-d effect.
What a wonderful series. ;o0

Robert said...

I love the way the “lace windows” reveal little parts of the layers beneath! Great start to the “ Again” series!

anonymous said...

Oh dear - I think she's definitely going to trip off the top of the escalator! Very effective whatever the story. xcr