Sunday, July 12, 2020

Staple II Collage Series - 07

Staple II Collage Series - 07

When I was on my trip to the UK last year each night the three of us travelers would create collages.  I had collected a bunch of site-seeing maps and I got the idea to create what I call map lace.  I made it by cutting out the spaces between the streets.  The result was delicate pieces of lace like ephemera.  This led to another type of paper lace using a whole punch and maps.  I ran out of the European map lace and so because I wanted something that sort of gave the same effect I used a hole punch to make the new map lace.  You can see that  type of lace above.

I like how this collage turned out.  There is a story about this particular imagery which I will relate at another time.  I call it Bathing With the Geishas.  If I forget to tell it, remind me in a few weeks.


jacki long said...

Delicate, yet strong. I love it!
And, I do want to hear the story. ;o)

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Contemplative, without even seeing her face.
Thoughtful capture.

Robert said...

Love the soft neutral tones in this, John, and the fact that the map lace helps create mystery by partially hiding the layer below.

anonymous said...

The holes with a varied pattern behind create such a feeling of moving water - most effective. xcr