Monday, July 27, 2020

Staple Again Series - 09

Staple Again Series - 09

Funny how we see something in our work that we like and focus on that in the finished piece.  I love the yellow dots with a touch of a shade of red.  The days seem to be racing by for me.  It seems like yesterday that I started posting this series and here we are on no. 9 already.

In my sorting and cleaning process I found a bunch and I mean a stack of unfinished work that I started in Mexico several years ago.  Most of what I found was in journal form but I will never work on this journal again.  So I tore out the pages and cut them into postcard size.  Now I will complete them in the new form.  I need more postcards to be ready for mailing anyway. :-)


jacki long said...

Your work is a joy to observe.
I can see your joy in creating,
and that is a gift, indeed!

Robert said...

Nice, John! The little bit of red In the lace circles and the red in the clothing on the figure really tie-in to the red background at the top and right, unifying the piece.