Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Staple Again Series - 10

Staple Again Series - 10

I got out of order yesterday so here is no. 10.  When I lived in Japan I had a soaking tub in the shower room.  I hardly used it and now wish I had one just like it.  Soaking is a big deal in Japan.  I was visiting friends in Tokyo and we went to the local bathhouse.  It is quite an experience.  Males and females go into separate areas.  Everyone sits on a plastic stool and cleanses their body.  You have a small tub in which you fill with water to rinse.  Then you climb in a community tub to soak for as long as you desire.  It is really humid in the public bathhouses.  


jacki long said...

Great memories, right? I love her expression,
not sure of protection by the screen?

tgarrett said...

I love that you often tell stories of your experiences as they relate to a piece.