Thursday, July 30, 2020

TEN 01

Ten 01

The Puget Sound Book Arts Guild offered a summer project for its tenth anniversary.  The theme was TEN.  That made me think what can I do for TEN.  I have thousands of stamps which my husband organized by country for me.  We combed the stamp collection for ones that had at least ten of the same stamp.  I adhered the stamps to a piece of watercolor paper in a rectangle with the center open.  Next I made tiny collages to fill that space.  Welcome to my latest series TEN.


jacki long said...

Very cool! Are you still using staples? I couldn't find them?

john said...

No staples in this series.

julia said...

So are you planning a series of ten collages all using ten stamps from ten countries? Very cook idea!

Robert said...

Wonderful piece, John! I love the idea and I particularly love the colors in this collage. The stamps make a terrific border here! Excited to see the rest of this series.