Saturday, December 14, 2019

Teabag Series 25 and 26

Teabag Series 25

Teabag Series 26

One technique I have not mentioned is splattering.  Each of the works in this series have black paint spattered on them.  I use spattering as a unifying technique.  It is the last thing I do to finish off the piece.


jacki long said...

It all works so well together!

anonymous said...

Great to see your efforts every day - even if I don't always comment. Happy holiday and I'm looking forward to what you will achieve in your 71st year... cr

julia said...

It seems to me that this series has been the most-layered and complex that you have done, john..am i right? I am so glad that you have explained the steps in execution...there is so much more to see than first meets the eye!