Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Teabag Series 17 and 18

Teabag Series  - 17

Teabag Series  - 18

I pretty much created all day.  I have to finish a spider book that I made.  I only had the book assembled but the pages were blank.  So today I created twelve collages for the book.  I am getting it ready to photograph as I have to send images for the online catalog for the Newport Paper and Book Arts Festival that will be held in April.  I will be teaching two workshops, spider books and Japanese stab binding.  I like how the spider book collages turned out.  I will post them sometime in 2020 after this series has been shared.

1 comment:

jacki long said...

I love both, they have an abstract feel,
but I enlarged to study and saw the detail
that I lost in the abstract. Beautiful,