Monday, December 2, 2019

Teabag Series 07 and 08

Teabag Series 07

Teabag Series 08

I was asked how I get the tea out of the teabags without destroying the teabag.  Well, very carefully!  Actually there probably are several methods but this is what I do.  I let the teabag mostly dry overnight. .  Each morning I pull off the string from the top of the bag.  Sometimes that means the little staple has to come off, too.  I then open the teabag so that it is not folded in half any longer.  I carefully continue to open the bag at one end so that the tea pours out.  I save the tea in a container for the garden.  Slugs hate tea in the garden.  The empty teabag can now dry completely.  Sometimes there is tea residue which you can brush off when drying.


jacki long said...

lot of work, but surely worth the effect! ;o)

julia said...

Thanks for the teabag tutorial, john...i had this idea that i had to open them up entirely, which was certainly not working out very well.
I can see why this series is so hard to part with. It is exceptionally fabulous! I’m enjoying them all so much