Saturday, December 21, 2019

Spider Book No. 3 - 01 and 02

Spider Book No.3 - 01 
Spider Book No. 3 - 02

I love the faces that I found.  The one in No. 3 is a bit odd but maybe not with all the tattoos we see nowadays.  I love that word “nowadays” and it seems so odd to type it out.  I was just gifted two huge and I mean huge boxes of postage stamps from a friend who is clearing out his mother’s stuff.  The mother does not know that I have the stamps and the family is not telling her.  It is quite a collection.  Much of the “gold” that I was gifted is from Asia.  I am in heaven going through this collection.  The family was told by a  philatelist that the collection was not worth much.  At least they had it evaluated.  I am so lucky to be the recipient.


jacki long said...

Yes indeed, a special and thoughtful gift indeed.
I like them both!

julia said...

I can easily imagine your breath-taking joy to receive such a gift, john! And the fact that you will be creating some fresh and new, that your creations will be shared here with the world, is so much better than those treasured stamps languishing in a box for the next hundred years!
Or worse yet, the landfill!
You are the master of seeing potential in what others let go of!