Tuesday, December 31, 2019

January APCs - 04, 05, 06

January APCs - 04, 05, 06

While working on the APCs I got to the point of is this enough?  I had not used the Stablio Woodies nor the transfer paper yet.  When I am not sure I usually scan what I have completed and then try out techniques on the scanned printout.   Putting the added techniques next to the originals really helped. I decided to go ahead with the Stablio Woodies and transfer paper.

You might be wondering why one of the images is smaller than the others.  Something happened in the scanning process.  Technology is like magic for me.  I might know a process but when something does not work like I thought it would then it is like magic.  Just go with it and don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it.  It just happens.  There are times when I really want something a specific way and spend loads of time on it.  Not this time.

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jacki long said...

Three more winners, John!''Wishing you and Ron a vert happy, healthy 2020!