Monday, December 9, 2019

Teabag Series 15 and 16

Teabag Series 15
Teabag Series 16
Over the past three days I have made six clam shell boxes.  I actually thought I might have forgotten how to make them but did not thankfully.  I am pleased to say I have the process down pat now.  I think that makes about 13 total that I have made.  I am sending three off to different parts of the world.  One is to Germany for an exchange that I have done once previously.  25 artists send 25 pieces of art to a woman in Bavaria.  This graphic artist makes a box and send them out to each artist.  So everyone gets 25 pieces of art.  It is a really nice surprise when the box arrives.  No one knows when that will be and then one day here it is.

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jacki long said...

You are so productive as well as talented,
it is so inspiring to me, John.