Sunday, December 29, 2019

Spider Book No. 4 - 10 and 11

Spider Book No. 4 - 10

Spider Book No. 4 - 11
This is the last of the series.  I did publish one of them twice because there are really only ten in the series.   So I will have to look to see which is a duplicate.  No. 11 is on the cover of the book that houses these bird collages.  Today I worked on January APCs and finished twelve of them.  I usually make 15 but I miscounted again and so there are only twelve.  My math skills are really slipping.  Hmm!


julia said...

I think i have seen this last one before..it might be your duplicate...i recognize my mum’s notations! Hahaha...now..what size are these in real life, john?
It’s been a really enjoyable series and i bet the book will be terrific...:-)

jacki long said...

Poppared is working terrific, John.