Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Spider Book No. 3 - 09 and 10

Spider Book 3  - 09

Spider Book 3 - 10
This is the end of the third spider book collages.  I have started a new set of ten which will debut soon.  I have the backgrounds done and am searching for the just the right focal images.  Happy holidays to you.  There is a lot of cooking going on in our house.  The cheesecake is made.  OMG!  The chicken Marbella is marinating.  Au gratin potatoes are in process and the Brussels sprouts are ready for the cranberries and sautéing.


jacki long said...

Sounds wonderful, wishing you and Tim the best holiday season ever,
and a wonderful, healthy, happy new year in 2020.

Cate Rose said...

Have a lovely Christmas, John, and a very happy new year.
Would you show us a spider book, please? I have no idea what one looks like. Thanks.
Big hugs.