Thursday, December 26, 2019

Spider Book No. 4 - 01, 02, 03

I have shown many of the collages that I have included in various spider books.  I am on spider book no. 4 at the moment.  I was asked for a photo of a spider book.  I have shown the covers and the books open as a book should open but never the actual head or tail of the spider book as held by the spine.  The photo below is the tail of a spider book where you can actually see the spider.  The triangle at the top is the head of the spider and the pages are the legs.  The head of the spider is attached to the cover which wraps around what you see.  When the book is closed the legs slide up and in next to the head.

I was sent a care package of ephemera from West Virginia.  My art friend, Julia, has been going through her mother’s papers and found a slew of old photograph envelopes, you know the ones we use to get when we picked up photos after development.  They are mostly all from the 1940’s.  So I used pieces of the envelopes for this series of ten.

Spider Book No. 4 - 01

Spider Book No. 4 - 02

Spider Book No. 4 - 03


jacki long said...

These are great, John.
I love the old envelopes as background, so fun to study.

Bea said...

Love the bright colors...

Cate Rose said...

Thanks, John! What an unusual construction.
Happy new year. x

tgarrett said...

Thanks for the picture of the book John. I love these collages-

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Now I know why they call it a spider book! Fabulous and the old photo eps as well.