Tuesday, September 24, 2019

San Francisco Postcards 07

San Francisco Postcards 07
I was on the bus Sunday heading to the SF Center for Book Arts as I wanted to see the steam roller printing process and I had to transfer to another bus.  I was at the corner of 16th and Market.  It is a very interesting place to be on a Sunday morning.  On opposing corners were evangelists with speaking systems preaching the gospel in Spanish.  It was quite the cacophony of noise.  I made the right connection and attended a great festival.  I had to do the reverse to get home.

Transferring at the same corner as before I discovered a third speaker system and a woman singing.  She had a great voice and she was drowning out the preachers.  A verbal fight broke out between one of the preachers and the singer.  Guess who won?  God!  As I left, the preachers continued with their sermons.  I guess that is all in a day in San Francisco.

Steamroller Printing Process


jacki long said...

Wow! Always something in SF?
I am intrigued by the steam roller printing?

julia said...

I know your plan is to put your SF postcards together in a book...will you add some of your ST photos and some of the intriguing experiences too?
Each day another surprise!