Monday, September 23, 2019

San Francisco Postcards 06

San Francisco Postcards - 06 
Saturday afternoon I sat in the Castro theater watching Downton Abbey, a great film that carries on the series from television.  The Castro is a piece of history.  I understand it had an organ once upon a time, but it is no longer there.  While waiting for the film vintage photos appear on screen.  How amazing to see the Castro district in its early years!



jacki long said...

Love this!
Sitting in history watching history? Perfect

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

I love the soft vintage quiet of this piece.

tgarrett said...

Loving these postcards John- I think this one is my fave right now- the colors and composition are spot on.

Cate Rose said...

LOVE this postcard! Sorry we didn't connect this trip, but I do hope you'll be coming back thru here in the future. ❤