Thursday, September 19, 2019

San Francisco Postcards - 02

San Francisco Postcards - 02 
I saw Cabaret my first night in SF.  The production was great.  I had never seen the whole musical.  The theater was small and intimate and the production was smooth and energized.  Good show!

I am working on postcards and books today after some shopping for essentials and moving the car once again.  This is sort of a game which I am calling hide the car.  Finding spots where one can leave it for a few days and then move it somewhere else are the rules.  The rules include days when the street cleaners come by.  The car has to be off those streets for a couple of hours.  Now that I know the rules it is a bit easier.  Finding open spots is the challenge though.  It took about 30 minutes today.


Jeanne said...

Hmmmm...Hide the Car sounds like an interesting postcard title...🤔

jacki long said...

Cabaret! good for you! Nice to picture you in SF.
The postcards are great.