Saturday, September 21, 2019

San Francisco Postcards 04

San Francisco Postcards 04
This morning I have been working on postcards number 06 and 07.  Now I am thinking that since I have completed through 09 that I must have failed to photograph one that I mailed to myself already.  So I will possibly just use the numbering system that I have on the address side and wait until I get home to publish the missing one.  I couldn’t have mis-numbered could I?

Today is laundry day and pickup around here.  I might go see Downton Abbey later this afternoon.  I am a fan of that show and it is going to be fun to see it as a feature length film.

Trans America Building SF 

Chinatown Gate SF


jacki long said...

I spot the ork of a happy camper?
Great work & photos, John!

julia said...

I am enjoying my armchair travels with you john! Honestly, i have not been to SF since 1976...i think it is time for a revisit...you are having a great time!