Friday, September 27, 2019

San Francisco Postcard 09

San Francisco Postcard 09

I am frequently asked questions about when I travel how do I know what to bring to do art.  The simple answer is I don’t.  I usually bring too much and do not use most of it.  On the SF trip I brought ephemera but with no theme in mind.  I always try and find ephemera where I am traveling.  So I combine the two types, brought and found.  I finished postcard number 16 this morning.  I also am just a few books away from being two thirds towards my goal of 365.

Last night I had tickets to an ACT play.  I was disappointed and walked out at intermission.  I just could not get into the play.  It seemed disjointed to me.  Perhaps the second act would have tied things together but I did not hang around to find out.  Just before the play I was near the cable car terminus and there was no line.  I can’t imagine no line but that was the case.  So I hopped on and road to the top of Nob Hill.  It has been a long time since I road the cable cars of SF.  I remember when I was a kid that there use to be a woman selling violets on the back of the cable car.  No more!


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jacki long said...

On my recent trip, I took my papers etc in an envelope.
I never opened it, preferring what I could find in brochures,
maps and scraps off bulletin boards. Seemed appropriate.