Monday, September 9, 2019

Date Due 04

Date Due 04
In the next few days I will be creating a collage to honor a young girl who died of cancer.  Her mother wrote a poem about her daughter’s death that captured my heart.  To die so young is totally unfair and in the poem her mother expresses the emotion of living through this difficult time.  I will publish the poem on this blog perhaps.  I have to get the permission of the woman who wrote it and I am not sure when I can do that.

There are a total of twelve poems in the Date Due series.  I finished them all and bound them into one of my 365 books.


julia said...

Terrific idea! I like that you are using old papers that you had created and forgotten about, john..and the comment element of the circle..
And now..all into a book...that must have felt really satisfying to complete!

jacki long said...

Loving your work from across the globe.

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Twelve poems! I hope to see the book someday?