Friday, June 1, 2018

Bridge in Italian

Bridge in Italian
This is one of my favorites of the 13 pieces that I sent to New Zealand.  It has an escape feel to me.  I usually like breaking boundaries rather than having something in a tight form.  I see a strong barrier that allows movement to the right.  I just love finding books that have writing in them.  I wonder why the person wrote what he or she did.  What was the thinking or reasoning?


A Tribute to Susan Sollins, Founder of Art21


jacki long said...

I like this whole series, John.
Especially the muted irregularities.

anonymous said...

Like this one, John. Great balance. As you say, snippets whether read or overheard are so fascinating. I even come across notes I've written to myself and spend a whole day wondering what it referred to! Mishearings are equally discombobulating: yesterday a very in-your-face smiling woman charged up to me and I heard her to say: 'I have two things to tell you - the dog loves you...' By this time my brain was in a whirl as there was no dog in sight. When she carried on 'and has a plan for your life' I realised she must have said 'that God loves you'. With failing hearing, I have these moments often!!!