Sunday, June 24, 2018

Monkey says, "Swim."

Monkey says, "Swim."
Orange is not my go to color.  However, my friend, Irene, who lives in Southern California and I are doing a little postcard exchange with a twist.  I sent Irene a color swatch and she completed a postcard with that color somewhere on the card. On the back of her postcard was my color challenge. Guess what it was?  Orange! :-). It is not that I dislike Orange, I don’t.  I think I usually go toward blues.  Hmm!  Now that I have said that I should go back and do a survey of my art and see if I do have a dominate color choice.  Maybe I will be surprised!  Anyway, Irene should receive her next challenge tomorrow or so.

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Jacki Long said...

Challenge: success!
I love it, but then I am an orange-aholic! ;o)