Wednesday, June 20, 2018


This is it.  The last of this series.  I am such a matte medium type guy that this series challenged me a bit since I totally used glue stick.  I use so many water based mixed media materials that glue stick is not my go to glue.  With that said I am glad that I did a total series and book using a glue stick because I am thinking that is what I will take to Ireland for easy transport and use.  Oh, did I say Ireland?  Yes, I am going for three weeks in October/November!  Can’t wait!


Liz Larner : ART21 "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2016)


Bea said...

I don’t have luck with glue stick. Edges come off sooner or later. Maybe I don’t use enough...

jacki long said...

A great series, John.
So happy for you to have a great trip on the horizon!

julia said...

I’ve been using a glue stick this year too, john. Lepages does not work for me. But i love one called “titan” that i buy in canada...usually just at a hardware store.. i took a workshop on using encaustic wax on japanese rice paper and made scads of papers...the only thing that will glue them down is a glue stick..at least that was my experience.