Thursday, May 31, 2018

Can a bird rest in a nest?

Can a bird rest in a nest?

I was given some huge letter stamps recently and I am trying to figure out how and where to use them effectively.  My first attempt was to stamp on a piece of Japanese ledger paper that had some red acrylic paint on it.  The jury is still out on whether or not I like this piece.  I thought I did when I finished it.  Again looking at it after it is scanned and on my computer is somehow different.  The piece in person had more life somehow.  I have heard from many people that my art looks so much better in person than on the screen.


Barbara Kasten: Beauty Was a Problem | Art21 "Extended Play"


Connie Rose said...

Hi John,
Love that piece, love all your latest work.
Here's a tip for you re: images -- I always use the Poster Edges filter on my images, before uploading. That's in Photoshop or PSE. On Android devices, the Cartoon filter will do the same. You can tinker with the amount of filtering on each image. AND, that filter makes images look VERY real, good as or better than the work looks in the flesh. It makes the images absolutely pop. Try it!

Connie Rose said...

P.S. It's NOT the Posterize filter. It's Poster Edges, and it resides in the Artistic filter set on Photoshop/PSE.

Bea said...

What size s this piece? Do you usually work in a particular size?...

jacki long said...

I like the tans especially.
I think the red triangle work well too.