Saturday, June 16, 2018

My, My!

My, My!
It is going to be a gorgeous day here today.  There is blue sky and sun and I hear that we will have seventy degree weather.  Perfect!  I am going to spend it inside doing art all least that is the plan.  I love all art days.


Claudia MB said...

Isn't EVERY day an art day????

Jacki Long said...

I agree with Claudia and even think every day
is great day if my head is on straight?
Love the girls in this piece,
the bird appeared right on cue.

Catherine R said...

We had it nice by the afternoon - no art (again) but I tidied up my garden and umpteen pots of veg, did some correspondence and walked to the library. Now exhausted.
I think my eyes are weird - was expecting to focus on finding the bird and pinpointed a dog(!) standing behind it (by the outline of a snout and front legs). I worry sometimes...