Monday, June 25, 2018

Swimming with a Fly

Swimming with a Fly
This is the last of the set of five postcards.  I love putting disparate pieces of ephemera together creating an idea that seems a bit unsettling.  Recently I heard about the green flies in New England that are very disturbing to actually be in the water around.  Not something I want to experience.

Laurie Simmons: Dancer Greg Sinacori | Art21 "Exclusive"


Jacki Long said...

Love the richness of the blended background!
You must have the best ephemera ever!

Catherine R said...

Just had to google those flies! Another place off the list - a common tiny gnat can leave me with a lump for days! And New Zealand sand flies - well! I'm so sweet! Must hope your swimmer is spared from harm by the bird eating the fly.