Monday, June 25, 2018

Swimming with a Fly

Swimming with a Fly
This is the last of the set of five postcards.  I love putting disparate pieces of ephemera together creating an idea that seems a bit unsettling.  Recently I heard about the green flies in New England that are very disturbing to actually be in the water around.  Not something I want to experience.

Laurie Simmons: Dancer Greg Sinacori | Art21 "Exclusive"


jacki long said...

Love the richness of the blended background!
You must have the best ephemera ever!

anonymous said...

Just had to google those flies! Another place off the list - a common tiny gnat can leave me with a lump for days! And New Zealand sand flies - well! I'm so sweet! Must hope your swimmer is spared from harm by the bird eating the fly.