Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fading Rose

Fading Rose
Last week I drove an hour south of my home to spend time with an artist who I did not know well.  We are both members of the NW Collage Society and she invited me to come “play” for a few hours.  Arlene has an an amazing space to create art.  She has turned her living room into her studio which has a great view of pastures and barns.

Arlene had a list of prompts set up and she opened her whole studio to my use.  During this experience I created the backgrounds for five pieces of mail art.  Since I only had two hours I had to complete the works several days later.  Fading Rose is the first of the five.  Thanks for an great few hours, Arlene.


Margaret Kilgallen


jacki long said...

This is great, and of course I love the oranges!
Wish we were a two hour drive apart! ;o)

anonymous said...

Very interesting composition - that weird diagonal arm echoed by a bird leg. This time the bird jumped out but I had to 'find' the girl's head! Seeing is so strange.