Sunday, June 17, 2018

Standing Tall

Standing Tall
It seems as if this should have been a posting on July 4 but no it is here with the others from the series.

I just have to say I have been binging on YouTube for several days because I discovered videos by Matt and Blue.  That is their channel on YouTube if you want to look.  Matt and Blue are a same sex couple who adopted a little boy.  When I first started watching their videos I teared up because they are so amazing with this little boy.  Their video is refreshing because it is a love story that develops each week.  It is so great to see an example of positive love is just love.  Way to live Matt and Blue!

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jacki long said...

I enlarged and studies this one for longer than usual.
Intrigues by the balance and layers, all working so well.
A great series, John!