Saturday, June 2, 2018


When doing a piece of art I sometimes have a strong feeling about something that I either like or do not like.  I like the partial photograph of the man that I manipulated in iColorama.  I did not plan to have a piece that had a stair step appearance but that is what I see in this piece beginning with my chop mark and working the way to the red rectangle.  Sometimes when I look at this piece my eye focuses on different places first.  Maybe it is the red rectangle, the man, the ape, or even sometimes it is the chop mark.  Where do look first?


Jenny Holzer: Programming | Art21 "Exclusive"


Jacki Long said...

I like it! I see the man first,
I think because of the red, but I see the man first.
I think it happens that when we work intently,
we don't see patterns till later?

Catherine R said...

I go for the yellow because I like yellow and it's central and solid colour - never mind that it should go back because a picture is 'in front' of it!