Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Woman with Poppy - Cold Wax 1

Woman with Poppy - Cold Wax 1
Today is a two-fer again as I was totally busy yesterday and exhausted last night....too much going on I guess for this old man! :-)

Several visitors to this blog wanted more information on cold wax.  The supplies you need are oil paints and cold wax.  I used Dorland's cold wax but there are other sources.  Crystal Neubauer uses Gamblin.  Speaking of Crystal, she has an artist lesson available on Cloth, Paper, Scissors where she explains the cold wax process.  It is a good introduction for $3.99.

One creates a background with the wax and paint applying the mixture with a palette knife.  In my case, I then added rusted papers  collaging the paper with cold wax top and bottom.  Finally I applied the other image elements which were printed on tracing paper.  Cold wax goes on the underside and topside once again.  I then added some design elements with Portfolio pastels.

I took a class from Judy Wise on the cold wax process.  Judy is a master at the process.  At the end of the class it was suggested that we create something and send to each class participant.  So what you are seeing over the next few days are the postcards I created to send off as soon as they are dry.  It takes a bit of time for the finished products to dry.


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jacki long said...

Really lovely, the layers & colors & blends!

Bea said...

Thanks for the info. It's a lovely, muted effect...

anonymous said...

I like the soft romantic colours and theme to this one. Can see it as a big image.