Sunday, August 27, 2017

Postcard 18080817

Postcard 18080817
This is the last of this postcard series.  I am sure glad that I post all my work here on this blog because many of the pieces here are the only record I have of what I have created.  The art that is sold and the art that is mailed is gone and the memory can be jogged by looking on this blog.  I sure like the balance and the color in this piece.


What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong cover) Esperanza Spalding Jimmy Heath live 2012 Lyrics


Jacki Long said...

Probably speaking for many of us,
we are glad you post daily too.
I really look forward to seeing each creation.
Thank you John & for lovely Esmeralda!

Dortesjs said...

YES you speak she same for all i think.
although i dont have exhibitions i do sell some. have you seen my paintings?
I will return and follow you.

Catherine R said...

Lovely one, John. I really like the subtle colours and echoed shapes. Even though the theme is pretty active and tense, it manages to convey a calm. Really nice.