Sunday, August 13, 2017

Postcard 04080817

Postcard 04080817
I absolutely love the Lyra water soluable graphite pencil.  I have used it a lot since my friend, Wendy, turned me on to it several years ago.  Thanks Wendy!  I never spent much time reading the label on the graphite pencil until about a week ago.  Another friend, Irene, asked me if I knew about the water droplet on the side of the pencil.  No, I did not know about it.  Voila!  It is there and, of course, that means it is water soluable.  Not all Lyra pencils are.  I always just looked to see if it said "water soluable".  Now I just need to look for the droplets.

You might wonder why I am even mentioning Lyra graphite pencils.  I used them twice in this postcard.  Once for mark making and once for outlining around the photograph and the matchbox image.  It softens hard lines.


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