Monday, August 7, 2017

Secrets 21

Secrets 21
Today is another two-fer as yesterday I was in Vancouver, B. C. and when I returned from our trip I took a nap and forgot to post here.

OK.  I can now divulge the idea behind the Secrets series.  Last week Brian Kasstle and I taught a workshop at the Pacific NW Art School in Coupeville, Washington.  We created stack journals bound with wrap around bindings and sealed with bizi sticks.  I will share the covers and bizi sticks tomorrow or so.  My portion of the stack journal instruction included a variety of ways to hide secrets within a spread.  In this case the secret is hidden within the teabag "envelope".


The Shins: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Jacki Long said...

Daily I enlarge your work & smile!
Usually a word comes to mind and sometimes I comment on it.
Today the word was delicious! It is so yummy!
Color, composition, content & just everything.
Thank you for my daily treat, john! ♥