Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Woman Longing - Cold Wax 2

Woman Longing - Cold Wax 2
I love how the tracing paper adhered with cold wax allows the background to show through.  I did not think I would like cold wax but I love the effect and that overcomes my somewhat dislike for wax on my fingers.  This process is soooooooooooooooo much easier than encaustic.  I love the look of encaustic though.  It is just the process for me that was not my cup of tea.  So this is good that I found a wax process that I actually enjoyed.


The Theatricality of Chiharu Shiota's Art | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 52

Even if you only have time to watch the first five minutes of the video, I highly recommend it.


Jacki Long said...

This is just stunning!
And how great to have a new technique that you enjoy.

Catherine R said...

Lovely. You answer one query only to give me others to ask. How did you get a print onto tracing paper or was it there when you found the image? And did you tell us what the actual product is called that is the cold wax - is it in a bottle, tube??? Thank you, John, for your investigations and generosity!