Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Beatrix Loves Thistles

Beatrix Loves Thistles
Several weeks ago I took a cold wax class with Judy Wise.  Here is my first complete result.  I rather like how it turned out and I rather liked the process.  I have a task to complete in the next few weeks. I have to make ten or eleven cold wax pieces that are postcard size to mail to each of the workshop participants.  I had best get cracking! :-)


Lianne LaHavas NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


Brian Kasstle said...

The Coupeville five love it!

Jacki Long said...

This is wonderful John!
I love the hazy warmth and of course...Breatrix!

Bea said...

I like this a lot. Would you explain briefly the process?...b

Jacki Long said...

Thanks also for Lianne LaHavas, I'm a fan!

tgarrett said...

Love this John- another process I hope to learn one day.

Catherine R said...

Beatrix obviously isn't a gardener then! I go into 'kill' mode if anyone allows thistles to seed within sight... When you've done the cards, do tell more about how to do the cold wax and where you got it from. And whether they do indeed crack!