Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Postcard 14080817

Postcard 14080817
I dislike flies and I love flies.  How can one have a love/hate relationship with an insect?  I really get "bugged" when there is a fly in the house.  They are so pesky flying around making a nuisance of themselves.  When they are 2D I really like their design quality.  I was walking with a friend in Seattle one afternoon when I stopped suddenly.  On a power pole was a sticker of a fly.  Of course I had to have that image.  Thank goodness for Michele's smartphone.  I would imagine that Queen Elizabeth does not think much of flies.  Perhaps she does not think of them at all!


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jacki long said...

Love this angular composition. I studied it for a while.
Just enjoying it all, and came up with quilt-like? ♥

anonymous said...

I HATE flies - quite obsessively if they are in my house. But I agree they are neat designs and agile with it. Love the expressions on the two boys' faces here.

Irene Rafael said...

This is a perfectly balanced piece! My eyes move around happily. Flies! Ugh!