Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Making Art From Maps

by Jill K. Berry

About 18 months ago Terry Garrett, Brian Kasstle, Thomas LaBadia, and I were asked to create postcards for Jill K. Berry's new book, Making Art From Maps.  Today in the mail I received a copy of the book and am thrilled not only to be published along with the other three creative gents but to be published in what is an amazing book.  Below are some of the images included in the book.  Can you see that I am smiling right now?

John's Postcard (front)

John's Postcard (back)

John's Postcard with Articulated Puppet Made by Terry and Thomas


jacki long said...

How very cool, you're all terrific!.
Good reason to smile! ❤️

tgarrett said...

What a fun project that was and I am excited to see the book.

Elizabeth said...

John - Love the one with you as a puppet. But all so fun and congrats to all Creative Gents for being in the book.

Cate Rose said...

How cool!...your work and that you're all in the book!

ingridp said...

where can I get the book???
so proud.

Claudia MB said...

What a cool book! Hey, please change the image at the top of your blog to your puppet. It's wonderful!

Brian Kasstle said...

I received my copy! So thrilled to be a part of this!

Seth said...

Congratulations John. These look so cool and fun. Can you see me smiling too?!?!