Friday, July 15, 2016

Buzz Off

Buzz Off

Buzz Off has been sitting around on my desk for quite some time, months in fact!  On Monday, an art friend of mine, Tina, gave me a bunch of napkins to use in my classes.  One of them has the most fantastic bees on them.  The background was just waiting for the right focal point.  Finding the letter "Z" is not the easiest letter to locate in magazines.  During my letter search I got the idea of either using the subscript 2 or having the letters squared for the "Z" and the "F".   That sure helped complete this postcard.  :-)


jacki long said...

Another paper adventure beauty, always new & appealing.
Thanks John, have a lovely weekend! ♥♥

tgarrett said...

Love this one. Terrific composition.