Saturday, July 16, 2016

Collage Study - Part I - One, Two, Three, Four, and Five Elements

Collage Study - One Element

Collage Study - Two Elements

Collage Study - Three Elements

Collage Study - Four Elements

Collage Study - Five Elements

Taking the time to do a study is actually fun, but it also forces one to really think about placement. Beginning collage artists may think it is easy to create one, two, or three collage elements.  However, placement on the page is all important as one has to include and think about the negative space as well.  When creating the six, seven, eight, nine, and ten element collages sometimes I found myself creating the seven before the six and the nine before the seven and eight.  Worrying about composition is always something that I find plays a part in creating.  I will share the other five tomorrow. :-)


jacki long said...

Ah, now I see the appeal.
I have done a few step by steps that people seem to enjoy,
now I see how fun it is to scroll back & forth, study & learn.
Thanks John! ♥

Anonymous said...

The 5 seems a good number. Looking forward to seeing the others. Agree placement of items/colours in any picture is key to success.

tgarrett said...

Thanks for sharing these. I know that when I have taught collage workshops- some would say "I thought this would be easy- just sticking things down, but this is hard" It really is all about the composition and that's what draws me in- the challenge to create a cohesive whole from often disparate elements. You are a master.

Claudia MB said...

Often, the fewer the elements the more powerful the overall image. But it's hard to resist adding one more thing. A delicate balance.