Saturday, July 9, 2016

Jealous Listening

Jealous Listening

The last thing that I do with a piece of art is to think of a title.  Usually one just pops up like this one, Jealous Listening.  It can be a phrase used or a thought that surfaces.  Perhaps it is a theme or even a number.  Rarely do I have to work at it.  When I look at other artists' work that are titled Untitled #1 or such  I wonder if he or she just could not think of a title.  Maybe if I was just working totally abstractly I would have a number system, Abstract #1 or #2.  Do you always title your works or do you have trouble with a title?  Curious minds wish to know.

The blue face in the upper left was harvested from my birthday package from my dear friend in MN, Terry Garrett.  Thanks Terry!  I like how the triangle of blues just make this piece work.  Now that I look at this postcard after many days would I do one more thing.....a black dot somewhere in the brown above the woman's head.  My eye seems to think that it would cause movement.  Alas this postcard has been mailed already, at least I think it has.


jacki long said...

I enjoy your titles, and since ...
I believe you are a storyteller,
as well as a superb artist,
I think it comes easy?

tgarrett said...

Love this and when I first saw the piece I saw the face right away what a great use of it. I think titles are important- I don't always title things though but when I do work for a show I always do. Wonderful piece.