Friday, July 1, 2016

Round Robin Pages for the Belltown Bookies Group

Round Robin Page with a Circle Theme (back)
Round Robin Page with a Circle Theme (front)

One of the participants, Michele, requested a circle theme for all of her pages for this round robin. The above is what I came up with.  The page has an accordion foldout.  It was fun figuring out something different for Michele and yet allow it to fit into the final journal that will be created when we are all done with eleven spreads.

Round Robin Page with a Seattle Theme
Natalie requested a Seattle theme for her journal.  I really like the balance of color between the fish and the Space Needle.  All of the collage features represent Seattle in some way.  The pig is a bronze statue that sits prominently at the Pike Place Market.  The eraser is a sculpture in the Seattle Art Museum outdoor art park.  Starbuck's headquarters is in Seattle.  The statue, Waiting for the Interurban is located in the Freemont district.  Hammering Man is in front of the Seattle Art Museum and the Seahawks emblem is a must for a Seattle collage.


Anonymous said...

You mean you even do these pages on demand?! Love the Seattle page especially.

jacki long said...

Love both but am so drawn to the circular text!
Any kind of text and I'm in. Strange? ;o)

tgarrett said...

wonderful John!!!!!!!!

Seth said...

That accordion book journal is soooooo cool.

Claudia MB said...

I love the circles fold out too. Maybe we'll get to make something like this in the fall?