Sunday, July 17, 2016

Collage Study Part II - Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten Elements

Collage Study - Six Elements
Collage Study - Seven Elements

Collage Study - Eight Elements

Collage Study - Nine Elements

Collage Study - Ten Elements

Each of the ten collage studies has birds in them as a theme to tie them together with the exception of number 10.  The closest it comes to birds are the feathers in the Native Americans hair.  Now that I have completed the ten collages it is hard to decide if the number of elements makes it easier or more difficult.  None of the pieces have much in the way of paint which is something I usually use in my collages.  I did notice as I was working that I like some paint attributes and did "cheat" in a couple of them to make seem more finished.  I also used graphite in several of them so that the pieces did not look flat.