Saturday, July 2, 2016

Accordion Envelope Journal Collages Part I

Envelope Journal (cover)

Pocket Accordion Journal

Pocket Accordion Journal (pocket view)

Can This Old Fox

Catch the Hen

Copper, Count of Killarney

Get the Eggs

Run, Fox, Run
This is Part I of a pocket accordion journal that I started in May and finished a few weeks ago.  Each of the photos are ones that I found when cleaning up my mother's house after her death.  A good friend suggested that perhaps I needed to make a shrine or something in memory of my mother and father.....kind of a way to put everything away into compartments.  What better way to compartmentalize than to create a pocket journal!  Each photo is of me as a baby on the farm where we lived.  I have mentioned the geese in a previous blog entry....these are the ones who took a disliking to me and would chase me.  That happened not as a baby but later when I was around four. My father is in two of the photos and Copper, the dog is in one.


Cate Rose said...

Each one of those collages is wonderful. Love the old photos you've included. Have a great weekend!

tgarrett said...

This is terrific John. I agree with Connie all wonderful collages.

Cindy Schaben said...

What a great way to tell a story with vintage book papers AND family photos from your childhood. And you get to see even more photos when you search the pockets. A real treasure!

Anonymous said...

Has to be one of your best, John. Love it - the style, colour and content. Hope you are pleased too.

Claudia MB said...

I also had a scary encounter with geese as a child. Maybe that's why we get along so well! The book feels fragile, like a memory.

Brian Kasstle said...

I agree. What a wonderful idea John! Fabulous! I love the collages here!