Thursday, July 21, 2016

Exercise # 2

Exercise #2

This postcard was begun months ago.  It sat and sat for inspiration.  Finally I decided to add another woman over the fish and call it done.  There are things that bother me about this piece. When one thinks about composition and the rule of thirds the middle third is fairly empty in the vertical direction.  Perhaps a third figure would help this one out.  Then I get to thinking about the math of it all and one could consider the fish to be the third item to keep it all odd or if one counts two women and three fish that is five and still odd.  Or you could count the white circle and the the two women but if you add in the fish it is six.  See what I mean?  Too much analysis maybe?

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jacki long said...

I just realized I don't think much?
What a concept, John!I must try it?
I love your work, however you get there.
Love the white circle.
How do you get your figures so transparent so
they don't take away from the luscious background?
Empty minds want to know! ;oD